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Where are you, João Gilberto ? is a feature-length documentary film adapted from the book Hobalala by the German journalist and writer Marc Fischer. In his book originaly written in German, Marc Fischer tells of his compulsive search for the last great musical legend of our time, the Brazilian musician João Gilberto. The creator of the Bossa Nova and a modern myth of popular music, Gilberto has not appeared in public for decaces.
Though March Fischer ultimatly fails in his effort to track down and meet João Gilberto, he does succeed in compiling an animated account of Brazil's music and culture, and especially of its most electrifying tradition, the Bossa Nova. Published in hardback by Rogner & Bernhard in 2011 and later in paperback by the prestigious German publisher Suhrkamp, this exceptionally well documented, lively and witty book is filled with delightful anecdotes. It has been translated into Portuguese and published in Brazil. Some says it is the most personal portrait of João Gilberto.
A week before his book came out, Marc Fischer commited suicide.
A film Produced & directed by Georges Gachot
A Gachot Films & Idéale Audience (Paris) & Neos Film (München) production
Coproduced by SRF, RTS, ARTE, BR
Supported by BAK - Bundesamt Für Kultur, Zürcher Filmstiftung, Media Desk Suisse, SSA, DFFF, FFF, Eurimages
Cinematographer: Stéphane Kuthy
Sound: Balthasar Jucker
Editing: Julie Pelat
With the special participation on Max Simonischek
Film length: 107 minutes
(To be released in 2018)